Monday, December 21, 2009

Dressing up the blog

If you have visited this blog for the last consecutive days, I think you might have noticed the blog theme changing quite frequently, feed subscriptions not working

Well, I was a little busy dressing up my blog. I was tired of using the blogger templates, and wanted something new and fresh . So I was changing the themes and “finalizing” on it , when I found a better theme , and thought of  putting up  a new theme. Every theme change brings along with the necessary organisation I have to do for the blog .

Some themes are not straightforward, by that I mean it does not “Add a gadget” widget as blogger has. Instead it has HTML/ JavaScript embedded in the template. As I not much familiar with HTML/JavaScript, , it took me quite sometime to get things straight .

I think I shall be sticking around with this template for quite sometime .