Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Call Recording for Skype

If you have been international calls at low rates, you must be using a calling card, or Skype. Skype helps me in letting me call my clients , or taking part in video conferences for free .

Usually my call is on requirements gathering, or on some clarifications . The entire project depends on this call, so it becomes inevitable that none of the messages slip out . A voice recoder becomes very handy for this purpose , and there are some on Skype which allows free voice recording, but with several limitations .

Recently I have been using a free voice recorder , named Callgraph . There are several features of the software I like very much :-
  1. Free for personal use, and there are different plans for companies as well .
  2. No limitatios to the number of minutes.
  3. Nice, user friendly interface.
  4. Stores the file in WAV format 
  5. Built in converter to convert the WAV files to MP3
  6. 1 GB of free online storage
  7. Built in echo cancellation module 
  8. Automatically starts and stops when a call starts and ends .
If you are also using Skype, and would like to record you conversation you can use Callgraph too .

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