Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Google Chrome , about.blank problem / solution

I have using Google Chrome for quite sometime ; and I find it handy compared to other browsers .. Yesterday  I encountered a funny problem .

Yesterday, on typing any web address on my Chrome browser bar, I was being redirected to about.blank. Other browsers opened up web sites properly, but Chrome could not.

I had earlier faced one issue with IE , where I was being redirected to a different site ; and for many months I thought it was a problem with the site . But later on discussing this in the IRC chat forum, I came to know that it was because the Windows host file had been changed by a Trojan . I had to edit the host file to solve the problem.
On doing a quick search I found that Chrome shows up about.blank when it becomes corrupt. So, I uninstalled Chrome - strangely enough Chrome does not have many steps for unintallation; I think I clicked only two buttons. On doing a fresh install, Google Chrome worked fine , and I could open my favourite sites again.
In a nutshell, if you are seeing about.blank in Chrome,  after typing , you should repeat a fresh installation of Chrome.

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