Friday, September 17, 2010

Top effective utilities for productivity

During our daily work I often try to stay away from software "update notification", or use the respective latest product version which even without any additional features has a big memory footprint . I am listing down some of the products which have helped in getting more productive, with lesser memory footprint .

1. Notepad++ - This open source product, is probably the best editor out there. I am using it for several years , and I use it even for a single file. If you are working with multiple files ( like I do ), then the multi tabbed interface lets you switch back and forth . Its support for various programming language , diff / merge , XML Syntax editor and several other cool features doubles itself as the preferred programmers editor. If there was a plugin which could open *sln, *.mak files , then it might give Slickedit a stiff competition.

2. Q-Dir - How many times have you toggled between several Windows Explores , just to find the files(s) you were looking for . In my work place I need to have several of them open, as I have to look into several documents simultaneously . Couple of days back, while surfing the web, I found this excellent freeware and from the first day, I'm lovin' it. Moreover it has a very low memory footprint.
Presently I am using the basic functionality, but there are small icons n each taskbar which adds more functionality  to Q-Dir. I also have RecentX and its a handy tool too.

3. Foxit Reader - I had been using Acrobat Reader till yesterday, was not happy with it because of the memory it takes , and sometimes irritated by the update notifications. Therefore I decided to opt for a lightweight pdf reader , and found Foxit reader a good alternative. This reader has a small memory footprint, but does the job neatly.

4. GMail - I have stopped using email clients at home , from last month ; as  I realized GMail itself has lots of potential. GMail integrated with the Tasks and GCalendar, itself makes a very useful dashboard. Earlier I had tried OtherInbox, Remember The Milk , but if one uses the in built features properly I think other addons are a redundant.

5. Join Me - This is a screen sharing program, which requires ONLY a browser , necessary software is installed automatically once you share the screen . I have been impressed with TeamViewer, Mikogo , Crossloop , but Join Me is the only web based screen sharing I have come across, and so this is my pick.  I recently had a three way conference using Join Me.

6. Stickies -  Sticky notes are a good way to manage your TODO list or for keeping side notes on your desktop. I had started looking for a freeware, and this is the best free sticky notes I have come across.  Notezilla, a paid sticky note software is an excellent alternative with extra features.

7. Jing - Jing is an excellent freeware, which allows you to take screenshots, make videos, and share instantly with the collaborators .It is a product by Techsmith ; the company which develops SnagIt .

Update :-

8. SlickRun - This is another extremely handy utility which can be used for launching programs, web sites. One can also add their MagicWords to customise SlickRun.

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