Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook web mail to take on GMail

The internet war is heating up with every passing day. Though Google still dominates the web , Yahoo and Microsoft continues to explore the space with new strategies . Not sure if they can really beat Google, as Microsoft is mostly into desktop applications and Yahoo looks for money "everywhere" - remember they removed the POP feature in the free Yahoo mail and made it available only to paid customers . Very recently Microsoft has started providing a new look and feel to Hotmail and slowly rising as a nice email provider; event the Window Live 2011 is cool with the ribbon interface .

On the other hand GMail which launched just a couple of years back , has been providing extremely useful features ( POP /IMAP ) along  with integration of other Google gadgets. It also come with a  free  a 7GB storage that increases every day . In fact I have stopped using email clients and rely only on the webmail.

Facebook on the other hand has become a great social networking software, a marketing tool and a friend finder for connecting to people,friends and old friends. In a recent news I came to know that Facebook is coming up with a GMail killer . Initially codenamed as Project Titan , the FMail ( Facebook web mail ) have been designed to ward off  its rival.  The Facebook email is supposed to be coming sometime this week, and I am eagerly waiting to have a look at it. I think if its a killer app , it should have features which we never thought about .
Keeping my fingers crossed for the Facebook web mail.