Monday, February 27, 2012

Time Tracking using Fanurio

Productivity is often a measure of the time spent to get the task done. However, often during our work, sometimes one might get busy with several other things . like preparing a meeting agenda, responding to personal emails – which distracts the person from the original work. The time tracking in this scenario becomes a bit complex as one did not work on the assigned task for the entire eight hours.

A time tracking tool, like Fanurio is very handy to tackle software project management . The user can start the timer, when starting the actual work, and pause / resume the timer when he/she is working on something else ( eg. responding to personal emails). The tracking lets the user know what is the exact number of hours he had spent for the primary task. This also lets the client know the actual time spent for the projects, and thereby provide transparency between the user and the client for hourly jobs.
When the user is idle for a considerable time, the tool can also let the user know using notifications – at times notifications might act as a reminder to start the main task.

Fanurio also let user generate invoices for their client; the user can also configure the tool to directly email the invoice to the client. Both these features can be configured from the Options menu
I would like to have the below mentioned features, which according to me shall make the tool more productive.
Fixed Price Projects – The tool is very good for hourly billing projects , but would like to have a feature for fixed price projects as well. This feature if implemented shall help developers track down the number of hours spent for the fixed price project and might help them in providing themselves with a correct estimate.
Better UX – Fanurio is a very good tool, having a nice UI and several features to make one productive. But as a user, I felt there are several areas user experience could have been bettered on.
More details on Fanurio can be obtained at
Update : The new version of Fanurio 2.5 has a template editor which shall allow the user to modify the Invoice template according to his/her choice.

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