Monday, April 09, 2012

Creating an Office Ribbon in Outlook

I have stared working on an Outlook addin which shall have the most commonly used utilities needed. I shall be releasing the tool as freeware , but till then let me share how can you integrate an Office Fluent Ribbon to Outlook.

I am using Addin Express to do this , and below are the steps I have followed

1) Add a AdxRibbonTab and ImageList in the Visual Designer.
2) In the Imagelist one can add several images , and access them by the index, 0 being the first image in the Imagelist.
3) Add the buttons in the Ribbon tab, in my case I have added two Convert to PDF, and About.

Now you can tie up the button events and write your code there.

Now I have created an installer for this addin and below is the snapshot taken from Outlook 2007.

Thats its, now I have a new ribbon item Tech Talks, in my Outlook client.

I am not sure of the the numbers which are showing, buts when I am taking a screenshot and pasting it to Paint, they are appearing. If anyone knows the mystery please let me know

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